Secunia Software Inspector checks for updates free

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[updated 2010.10.21]

Secunia Software Inspector checks your computer online for unpatched software for the more common programs, and reports what you need to patch/update to be safer. This is free, and does not keep any confidential data from your computer. This scan will find software (including the operating system) with known security flaws for which patches exist. The on-screen report lists your updated apps (with a green checkmark) and nonupdated apps (with a red X). If you have multiple copies of a single application installed, the report will list each version. Click the “+” icon to the left of each item for more information, including the specific path to each file.

Recommended by Windows Secrets

SPECIAL NOTE: if Secunia keeps telling you that a program is out of date (Java, for example) when you already updated it and re-scanned, the old version may still be on your computer (as some programs just add another version, not replace the old one, Java being a prime example). Use Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, and remove the oldest (lowest number) version(s) — all but the latest. Then re-scan with Secunia.


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