Test your IPv6.

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Test your IPv6. is a site that automatically tests your computer (when you connect) to see if the newer, longer IP address system will work through your Internet Service Provider and all the equipment down to your computer.

Or, you can try to use the Internet on June 8: “the international Internet Society (ISOC) is throwing a World IPv6 Day on June 8 — 24 hours for website owners, ISPs, and network users (that’s us) to take an IPv6 test flight. ISOC has arranged for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and a hundred other sites to turn on their IPv6 stacks. Two of the biggest Internet plumbing organizations, Akamai and Limelight Networks, will also enable IPv6 on that day. The idea is to test all the intermediaries — ISPs and other network operators, plus router hardware manufacturers — to see which of them will fall over when dual stacks become commonplace.”

If you are not able to use the newer IPv6 system, check the tests for the reason.  If it’s your ISP (Internet Service Provider), then contact them to encourage them to upgrade.  If it’s your equipment (router, modem, software, etc.) then upgrade them (download new software, new router firmware if available, or replace).

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