How to protect your laptop in cargo when you fly

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ZDNet has a post: In this guide, learn about current regulations and how to deal with theft, insurance problems and hardware damage.

Source: How to protect your laptop in cargo when you fly | ZDNet

Basically, any device larger than a smartphone has to be in checked luggage, at least if coming from certain countries.

Also, if you enter/leave the country, you may be required to give your password and have all your data downloaded from any device for any country, not necessarily just overseas.

You might consider a “burner” phone for short term use (such as a pay-as-you-use service phone, available from several sources). If you do not use an app for your online storage, but have to log into it via a browser, then you can limit the access by clearing your browser history and leaving no trace even if you have to give up a disposable password.

A cheap tablet may not be as useful or fast as usual, but if stolen/damaged, using it only with all your data on a USB drive leaves you carrying only the USB drive more securely in a pocket. USB flash “stick” drives are not restricted at this time.

The reasoning for this is discussed in another ZDNet article.

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