Computer Helpers was originally developed during the earlier days of the Internet and the World Wide Web, as an experimental blog by a librarian. The owner is now retiring as of the end of May 2019, so this blog will be taken private after that.

Anyone is welcome to read it and perhaps find something useful. Pages may be updated at any time, so keep checking back.

Special link: The ultimate guide to scareware protection.  Check this before you get any new software that promises to fix/protect you.

Special link: Have I Been Pwned checks your passwords and email to see if they turn up as breached/stolen/leaked.

You might like to check out the New Computer Owners Page.


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Index to Computer Helpers

Advice here comes from a number of sources, including those in the Blogroll in the right column. These resources are highly recommended. Many have RSS feeds and/or newsletters available.

Advice & Technical Help

Commercial products are normally covered only if offered or taught on campus; otherwise most references are focused on freeware/shareware products.  Advertising is not sought or permitted at this time.

First, be sure to document your problem. Internet Fixes has advice on what you need to collect for somebody so they can figure out your problem. Remember — the other person cannot see what you did earlier, or even what your computer looks like now.

The latest posts on this topic are available by clicking here.

Other Resources

Windows Secrets search site uses the Google Custom Search feature to query sites that specialize in Microsoft Windows-related information.

See the latest posts for specific Techniques for the Windows operating systems here.

See also help for specific Windows programs at Windows Software Help & Links.

Macintosh, Macbooks, and Apple

At this time, the Boreham Library does not have Apple hardware available for use. The campus standard is based on Microsoft Windows-based systems. Macs are used in certain areas but not in the Library at this time.

However, Macs can be used with Library services provided the proper browser is installed. Check the bottom of the Library’s catalog pages for links to obtain a browser.

Without a Mac to test that version of the Safari browser, the Library cannot guarantee that it will work with all services, but you can try it and see.

The latest posts on this topic are available by clicking here.

About Computer Helpers

This site is intended primarily for students, staff and faculty of the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, but anyone else is welcome to find useful information here.

The focus is on free and low-cost computing, so advertising is not accepted.  Programs with both free and pay versions are also considered.  Programs which require payment for all versions but which are already used/taught on campus may be included as well.

The blogger

This unofficial site was created and is maintained by Dennis G. Van Arsdale, Technical Services Librarian at the Boreham Library on the campus of the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.

Additional comments on creating and maintaining pages are available at The Over-Automated Librarian.

Please address comments, corrections and updates directly to Dennis.VanArsdale@uafs.edu and please respect the draft policy and blogging guidelines.  

Please note: while comments were formerly accepted and posted (when appropriate) on this site, this particular topic seems to attract a lot (a REALLY BIG lot) of spam, so comments have been closed unless directly addressed to the author.

Dennis G. Van Arsdale holds an MALS from the University of Missouri-Columbia with post-graduate training in computers and other subjects. He does not claim to be an expert or an advanced user, but instead someone who knows just enough to want to help others. This is not intended as a comprehensive list, nor a list for expert users. Some sections may refer only to conditions on the UA Fort Smith campus and network.

This information is provided solely as material which may be of some help to computer users on the UA Fort Smith campus, and much of it is from personal experience or sources considered reasonably authoritative. All information is offered for use at your own risk — programs may change, your computer may differ, and Finagles Principle (“the universe is infinitely perverse and will oppose you at every opportunity”) always applies  in computing.

Resources are primarily (but not exclusively) for Windows, as the Library does not have any Macs at present.


No advertising is accepted.  No payments, gifts, or other reimbursement is given or received by this blog or blogger for any mention of any product.


This unofficial site, much like official University of Arkansas – Fort Smith sites, may include hyperlinks to websites maintained or controlled by others. The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith is not responsible for and does not routinely screen, approve, review or endorse the contents of or use of any of the products or services that may be offered at these websites.

[This specific page was last updated 2015.4.9. Other pages on this site may have been updated more recently.]

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4 Responses to “Welcome”

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Thankyou for including my site in your blog 🙂

I do try my best, keep up the good work

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Member of The Freeware Revolution

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I keep running into problems with some of my windows processes, and actually came across this site:www.runscanner.net, which pretty much told me everything I needed to know about the one that was giving me problems (svchost.exe) I haven’t seen any info about windows processes on this site, I think you should include some.

Glad you found something useful. I don’t try to be comprehensive, and not too technical, but when I do run across something on processes that might be helpful, I’ll try to include it.


I would like to suggest three very popular web services which I use very often.

1. http://www.freepdfconvert.com/
Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other formats to PDF and even can convert PDF files to Word or Excel.

2. http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/
Convert web sites to PDF online, has add-on for all popular browsers which lets to convert PDF directly from browser.
Also has pdf by e-mail useful for direct conversion from iPhone

3. http://www.convertcenter.com/
Unit converter which has about 10 000 conversion. For example it can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, Miles to Kilometers, Kilobytes to Megabytes and much more.

4. http://www.filejumbo.com
Simple online storage. Sometimes use it then I need to send large attachments by e-mail.


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