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Boreham Library Software Disc Instructions

[the Library Software CD is available for overnight checkout at the Circulation Desk in the Library.  All the software is free to copy to your Windows-based computer and install legally.  Instructions are on an html file on the disk which you can view with your browser, such as Internet Explorer.]

Boreham Library Software Disc Instructions

version 2011.8.17.a

All of this software is freeware downloaded from trusted sources. Use at your own risk.

These files and links are provided free of charge. Some of these programs may require registration, or may check your existing software for licensed versions and updates, or they require additional updates before, during or after installation. They have all been downloaded from sites considered to be legitimate and free of malware. They are not guaranteed by the University or the Library, only the software provider, and may or may not work with your system as it is configured. All software and links are for use only at your own risk.

Software here is for Windows-based operating systems, preferably XP with SP2 or SP3, Vista with SP1, or Windows 7. Older Windows systems or other operating systems may need other versions, if they exist. Links require an existing Internet access by phone, DSL, or cable through an Internet Service Provider to install properly — using this disc does not, by itself, connect to an Internet Service Provider.

The software actually on the disc has the file name in bold type like this. Not all the software mentioned is on the disc, however.

These versions were the latest available when downloaded. Later versions may be available online.

Mac users: sorry, the Library does not provide any version of Apple software on disc, as we have no Macs in the library building with which to test. HOWEVER: many of these programs also have Mac versions somewhere on their web sites.

On the Library Software DVD disc:

  • Essential Software
  • Optional Software


    1. Put the Library Software disc into your DVD drive.
    2. If it comes up with a list of options, select the option to open and view files.
    3. At your desktop screen (before opening any programs), double-click on My Computer.
    4. Double-click on Local Disk (C:)
    5. Right click and select from the menu New and Folder
    6. Name the new folder 1download and open the folder.
    7. If you don’t already have the disc open in a window, then double-click on My Computer a second time and this time choose your DVD drive (it probably says something like “DVD/CD-RW Drive (D:)” or something similar.
    8. Click once in the disc file window (it doesn’t matter if you highlight one file as long as you don’t open it).
    9. Hold down the CTRL control key and at the same time hold down the A key (capital or not, it doesn’t matter) to highlight all the files.
    10. From the Edit menu in the top bar, select Copy, or just press CTRL and C at the same time.
    11. Go to the 1download window and click inside it.
    12. From the Edit menu in the top bar, select Paste, or just press CTRL and V at the same time.
    13. This should copy all the files from the disc into the 1download directory on your computer.
    14. Once this is done, you can remove the disc from your computer and put it back in the case, to return to the Library.
    15. From here on, when instructions say “on the disk”, you can instead go to the file in the 1download directory and use that to install the program. Right-click on the file name and select Open.
    16. Now double-click on the 1st_read_me.html file and open it up in your browser, such as Internet Explorer, for further instructions.

    Essential Software

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    Some Library services require IE8 or later and will not work with earlier version of IE.

    This is only for use if you have not been able to download IE8 online.

    This version is for 32-bit Windows XP ONLY.

    The installation file (IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe) is provided on this CD-ROM or you may go to this page to select the appropriate version for your version of Windows.

    This is for Windows XP with at least Service Pack 1 and 2 already installed. If Service Pack 3 is installed also, that’s even better.

    Because of the way Microsoft handles upgrades, they prefer you download from their web site directly. You may be required to also get additional upgrades before, during or after installing this software. The University and the Library can not help with any problems with installing or using your system after installing this. Use at your own risk.


        Popular as Internet Explorer (the big blue “e”) browser is, sometimes it has trouble with certain sites, or the latest fixes installed cause temporary problems with viewing or printing.
        Then it’s a good idea to have an alternate browser, and the Library tests and recommends Firefox.You may install Firefox from the file (

    Firefox Setup 6.0.exe

        ) or you may download it from the

    official site

        . Mac and Linux versions of Firefox are also available on the website.

    Firefox does NOT prevent you from using Internet Explorer for any other functions.
    While you do NOT have to make Firefox your default browser, Zotero only works with Firefox. Zotero is the research helper that tracks your citations and is recommended by the Library. You will need to use Firefox to download it from the website (it’s not on the disc).


    You must have Java (jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe) or later installed to run Library and other applications and applets that use Java technology.
    Java is required for some Blackboard components. Some Blackboard courses use Java technology in course content.

    You may also download Java from the official site.

    Note: Alternate links for Macintosh operating systems:

    * For Mac OS X, download here and install the latest version of Java for Mac OS X.
    * For Mac OS 9 and earlier, download here.

    Note: Blackboard may warn you that you do not have Java version 2 Runtime even after you install this. The latest version is version 6, so it may not appear to the Blackboard test software as installed. You should be able to use it anyway.

    PDF Viewer

    Files with the suffix .pdf require pdf viewer software to read. These are often found on the Web and in the Library’s Electronic Reserves.For computers with limited memory or slow response, it might help to use PDF-XChange Viewer (PDFXVwer.exe) from the disc or download it from the official site.

    A better-known viewer is Adobe Acrobat Reader (install_reader10_en_air_gtbd_aih.exe) but this is a larger program and often tends to be slower. This version is for Windows XP and comes bundled with Adobe AIR but not the Google Toolbar.

    (Caution – you may or may not want the added software or toolbars which may be offered with this on the website — just uncheck the box on the download page. You may download it directly from

    Other Plugins

    Some web sites and Blackboard courses use browser plug-ins. To view portions of these sites, you may need one or more of the plug-ins below — your browser will tell you when you need something you don’t have. Browsers will generally automatically help you to download any plug-in required by a particular page.
    Because of very frequent updates, it is better to try to download these rather than include them on this CD.

    * Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player 11 (wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe) is the latest version for Windows XP, or you can download Windows Media Player. Some Blackboard courses use video or audio that can be played with Windows Media Player.

    * RealPlayer

    Download RealPlayer Some web sites and Blackboard courses use video or audio that can be played with RealPlayer.
    An alternative to this is Real Alternative (Real_Alternative_202.exe)which some people prefer as being less commercial and requiring less memory.

    * QuickTime

    Download Quicktime. Some web sites and Blackboard courses use Quicktime video. You are not required to agree to accept additional software.

    * Shockwave

    Get Shockwave Player. Shockwave is used in some web sites and in some Blackboard courses for interactive quizzes, animations, and activities.

    * Flash

    Get Flash Player. Flash is used in by some web sites and in some Blackboard courses for interactive quizzes, animations, and activities.

    Optional Software

    Need to use Microsoft Office but don’t have it on your computer? You have free alternatives.

    Note: use either OpenOffice or OxygenOffice — you don’t need both. The larger, more complete one is OxygenOffice which contains everything in OpenOffice and more.


    OpenOffice (OOo_3.3.0_Win_x86_install-wJRE_en-US.exe)is a free suite of programs that can also save in Microsoft Office formats (you can set those as defaults instead). This allows you to work on your own computer and then bring files to campus and use them on computers here.

    OxygenOffice Suite

    If you have a little more room on your computer, then OxygenOffice (select the Binary-Windows32bit), the enhanced version of OpenOffice, has all the simple extras including everything from a rich clip art gallery to variety of standard document templates (CV, greeting cards, etc.), plus over 90 text fonts, OOOWikipedia (an integrated Wikipedia Search Tools), ability to run Visual Basic for Applications from Calc (the OpenOffice alternative to Excel), ability to import Office Open XML (Microsoft Office 2007 — all the docx and pptx and such files), and option to export (save as) documents to PDF, LaTex and MediWiki. To top it all off, OxygenOffice has been able to integrate importing of Works and WordPerfect documents. The version on this disc is OxygenOo_3.2.1_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe (the one on the website just says OOo_3.2.1_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe but it’s the same).

    By the way — OxygenOffice will say OpenOffice on all headers, notices, etc. Any upgrades to OpenOffice should also work for OxygenOffice.

    More information is available at Computer Helpers.


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