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A ‘wiki’ is a site or the software operating the site which allows anyone to create and/or edit material, in a collaborative effort. It’s an easy way for users to share information and answer questions. The Wikipedia is one of the best known examples of this.

A wiki is a great online collaborative tool. It allows multiple users to comment, make changes (and go back to older versions), add sections, develop new ideas and functions. It’s also becoming very popular for classes to do group projects. Since a wiki can be set up so that editing only takes effect when it is finally approved, and the information can be edited over and over by many people until everyone agrees, this allows a final result that the group can stand behind.

A blog, on the other hand, is more of a single-voice process (even if several people provide the voices) — you don’t edit other people’s posts on a blog, just comment.

HOWEVER – not all wikis allow anyone to edit materials. In fact, it is quite common to limit the people who can contribute to a wiki. Companies and organizations are now using both external wikis to inform and assist people, and internal wikis for staff members to share information.

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Search the Boreham Library catalog for wiki information.

UWM Libraries have a Why Wiki? page that explains wikis, the pros and cons, how libraries are using them, and how to start your own.


Wikipedia is an example of a wiki.
An example of a library-created wiki is at BizWiki at Ohio U.

The Boreham Library staff wiki is here. It is intended only for library staff training and is very informal, but it has examples of two or more staff members contributing. This was created using the free educator services at

Software and Sites

Compare wiki software at
School Library Journal helps you ask Which Wiki is Right for You?.

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