How To Speed Up Your PC

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Dave’s Computer Tips posts: If you do a search on-line for tips about speeding up your computer, you’ll find a ton of tips, tweaks, and programs claiming to help you speed up your…

Source: How To Speed Up Your PC | Daves Computer Tips

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How Do I Speed Up Hundreds of Audio Files?

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Lifehacker has a post on How Do I Speed Up Hundreds of Audio Files?

This is a how-to post on using the freeware Audacity to speed up audio files, such as audio books, so they run faster without too much distortion.

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Top 10 Ways to Clean Up Your PC

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Lifehacker has a post on the Top 10 Ways to Clean Up Your PC and speed it up.

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Speed up boot times using Bootvis

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Online Tech Tips has a post on how to Speed up boot times using Bootvis.

This is actually a program from Microsoft that checks all the things that happen when your PC boots up, and then optimises the settings to speed that up.

Use at your own risk, and do a System Restore set point first, but this could help.  Freeware.

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Three finger salute and one step beyond

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[updated 2009.9.14]

To secure your login, require CTRL-ALT-DEL to be pressed so your computer asks for a login.  It’s more secure.  Instructions are available from Internet Fixes.

The “three finger salute” is CTRL-ALT-DEL all pressed together, to bring up the Windows Task Manager.

And what is it used most often for?  When something hangs up your computer and you have to find it and shut it down.

And what do you do if even THAT technique won’t work?  Anti-Freeze.

No, don’t pour it over your computer — use the freeware program Anti-Freeze.

AntiFreeze offers a last recourse when you find your computer in a hung state. Because programs consume too much CPU or too much memory or too many programs have been started, your computer has become unresponsive. The mouse still moves but no programs are responding, you cannot switch to other programs or even close them. You have even tried to start the Windows Task Manager even that won’t work because it does not get enough attention from the scheduler to respond to your mouse clicks and keyboard presses. You are ready to press the reset button, instead you can press the hotkey of AntiFreeze. It will put to sleep all running programs except the most critical ones, giving you the opportunity to close down the programs which are causing problems. You may even be able to save or recover your work.”

As always, use at your own risk, and remember that it does take up a little bit of working memory to have this available.

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Backup the Vista Registry

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The Registry in Vista, as in earlier version of Windows, is a vital part of the operating system, and you should always back it up before making any changes — just in case.

Instructions for backing up the Vista Registry are at Internet Fixes.

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