Web2PDF: ‘Save as PDF’ Button

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MakeUseOf has a post on Web2PDF which creates a Java widget for a ‘Save as PDF’ Button for Your Blog.

Web2PDF is free HTML to PDF conversion service for your website. Enable your website/blog readers to instantly print desired articles to PDF files. It also includes a monitoring service that lets publishers keep track of which and how many times articles were printed to PDF.”

Web2PDF ‘HowTo’:

  • 1. Sign up and start with setting the Conversion Options for your “Save page as PDF” button.
  • 2. Choose paper orientation for the printed PDF: Portrait or Landscape.
  • 3. Specify paper margins: in inches (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • 4. Get JavaScript code: Generate JavaScript code and copy & paste it to the place where you want “Save page as PDF” button to appear. Code should be placed within the … tags of the template page.
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ScrollBox: Embed RSS Feeds

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MakeUseOf has a post on ScrollBox which you can use to embed RSS Feeds onto your blog (if your blog service allows it).

Scrollbox will let you “generate dynamic widget for any given RSS feed. User can take the widget and easily add it to any site.”


* Easily embed rss feed into website.
* Customize text, color, text and background.
* Simple and easy to use.
* No registration.

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12 Ways of Spicing Up Your Desktop

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MakeUseOf has a post on 12 Great Ways of Spicing Up Your Windows Desktop.

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Build your own widgets

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Yourminis has a build-it-yourself service for creating widgets to go on your web page, blog, etc.  If you’re not feeling all that creative, you can check their gallery for possibilities provided by others.

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Wigitize your RSS feeds

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MakeUseOf has a review of Wigitize, which allows you to create a widget which turns RSS feeds to embeddable blog widgets.

“If you ever need to add some RSS feed to your website, Wigitize offers a quick and simple way to do that. No registration required, just enter the address of the website whose feed you want to use and click “Generate blog widget”. Once the widget is ready you can easily customize its style and visual appearance.”


  • Convert any RSS feed to a web widget.
  • Embed widgets onto your blog or social networking profile.
  • Customize widget: choose visual style, show/hide title and date, set number of feeds to be shown etc.
  • No registration or sign up required.

Now, if we can only learn to agree on how to spell “widget”….

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NetVibes for your own portal

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[updated 2008.10.13]

NetVibes is a customizable home page or “web portal” with just the information you most often want to see, and the links you are most likely to need.  A default page is the starting point, and features can be added or removed as you like.  A free service!

Also: add widgets to your NetVibes page from here.

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Widgets galore, and for free

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Yahoo Widgets has its own widget engine, with which you can select from the default ones included with the engine, and a lot more. A couple of the handy ones included will show you the percentage of CPU activity and RAM memory being used.

Another place to find free stand-alone widgets, from clocks and calendars to abstract art generators, is at the Freeware Guide.

As always, use at your own risk.

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Konfabulator for Widgets

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What is Konfabulator? Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather. You will need to download the Konfabulator software, and then select the Widget(s) you like. Note: Konfabulator requires Windows XP or 2000, or Mac OS 10.2 or greater — Select whichever download would be the appropriate one for your system.

Use at your own risk!

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